Automate & Accelerate
Your Hyperlocal Search
& Display Campaigns

The solution for better local inventory campaign management for agencies.

Automate & accelerate
your hyperlocal search
& display campaigns.

The solution for better local inventory campaign management for agencies.

Data-Driven Campaign Tool

Maximize Your Performance & Budget

Our platform works in the background to provide the right local content specific to your customer’s search. Watch your CPC spend go down as your campaign’s quality score increases knowing our automation tool is working to drive the most relevant results using the most up-to-date local inventory product or service data.

• Transform your local inventory & store data into dynamically generated & location-focused campaigns
• Expand your list of product keywords exponentially with our long-tail keyword automation tool
• Generate a multitude of ads from our platform without having to write ad copy
Drive more people to your location with our customized landing pages
Spend less on ads by increasing your Ad Quality Score with Dynamic Data Transformation Engine


Significantly decrease your time developing local auto inventory search campaigns.


Differentiate your agency by offering a scalable, targeted & location focused solution to Recruiters.


Increase your client's local in-store purchases by converting nearby product or service searches.

Ad Template Generator

Automate Rich Location-Targeted Ads

Search Marketers are having to do more with less with little time to waste. Testing and tweaking your campaigns to improve the quality score is a constant battle.

What if you could automate the creation and removal of your ads based on inventory & increase your quality score with more relevant search queries, keywords and ad copy?

Connect Your Data All In One Place

  • product data
  • inventory
  • location data

Connect different data sources like Local Inventory Data, Google My Business Listing and Google Map Data to automate your Paid Search Campaigns.
Select Your Ad Rules

Create Rules for your Ad Groups, Ads, Keyword Combinations and Dimensions and save them as templates on our platform.

The outcome?  Time saved creating ads manually that will now autogenerate based on your data!

New product or service ad creation is taken care of with once your templates are developed and your data feeds are connected. The result is a large number of dynamically generated search and display ads powered by rich and relevant data.

Ad Project Launcher

Send More Qualified Customers
To Your Location

Searchers are looking for your products or services by name, location, category and so many other variables. It’s essential you reach them using all of the combinations they’re searching for with in-stock inventory at the location they specify.

Once you’ve done the upfront work of creating your Ad  Templates, connect them to Google Ads with our Project Launcher. New Product or Service ads will start generating on-the-fly based on your product, inventory and store data.


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